Friday, May 1, 2009

Incentives for Hosting a Party/ How it Works

By hosting a Silhouette Party in your home, you can earn FREE hand-cut Silhouettes and items like the ones pictured here~ with your Silhouettes on them! The higher the level of sales achieved at your party, the more FREE STUFF you will earn!

First, contact Silhouete Artist Kathryn at to set a potential date and time. Please put the words "Silhouette Party" in the subject line of the email along with your inquiry.

After the date is set, take sample email invitation below (just cut and paste!), and send it to all of your friends who might be interested in having portraits made of themselves and/or their children.

If you are able to gather at least a dozen families together who are willing to purchase Silhouettes on the spot, then Master Silhouette Artist Kathryn will come to your home!

A block of about 2 hours will be set aside for your party, and upwards of 30-40 portraits can be comfortably done in that amount of time.

Guests will always receive 3 copies of the portraits they order, perfect for gift giving! The Silhouettes come mounted on plain 5x7 inch card stock. Black oval frames are available on the spot, too!

For every $100 sold at a party hosted by you in your home, you will earn a $10 gift certificate to go towards your very own Silhouettes, frames, and other merchandise offered!

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