Friday, May 1, 2009

About Silhouettes

A nearly lost art form from the 1700's -Hand-Cut Silhouettes- is now making a comeback in the 21st century! Started as a popular alternative to expensive commissioned oil portraits in the 1700's, the art of Silhouette cutting pre-dates photography by about 100 years, and is considered a precursor to the modern day portrait photograph. Done exclusively with scissors and without the aid of pen, ink or tracing, it became a popular way of capturing an individual's likeness, as well as a practical way of keeping family records.

Incentives for Hosting a Party/ How it Works

By hosting a Silhouette Party in your home, you can earn FREE hand-cut Silhouettes and items like the ones pictured here~ with your Silhouettes on them! The higher the level of sales achieved at your party, the more FREE STUFF you will earn!

First, contact Silhouete Artist Kathryn at to set a potential date and time. Please put the words "Silhouette Party" in the subject line of the email along with your inquiry.

After the date is set, take sample email invitation below (just cut and paste!), and send it to all of your friends who might be interested in having portraits made of themselves and/or their children.

If you are able to gather at least a dozen families together who are willing to purchase Silhouettes on the spot, then Master Silhouette Artist Kathryn will come to your home!

A block of about 2 hours will be set aside for your party, and upwards of 30-40 portraits can be comfortably done in that amount of time.

Guests will always receive 3 copies of the portraits they order, perfect for gift giving! The Silhouettes come mounted on plain 5x7 inch card stock. Black oval frames are available on the spot, too!

For every $100 sold at a party hosted by you in your home, you will earn a $10 gift certificate to go towards your very own Silhouettes, frames, and other merchandise offered!

Sample E-mail Invitation

Come to a Silhouette Party!

Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken will be at my house between ____am/pm and _____am/pm on ___(fill in date here)____ to create authentic hand-cut Silhouettes of you and your family! Kathryn charges $25 for a Single portrait, $40 for a Double, $55 for Triples and $70 for Quadruples! And with that you get 3 copies of the Silhouette! These extra copies make perfect gifts for Grandma's! She will also have frames and other fun stuff too! Remember that you don't need to worry about your make-up or how you/your family are dressed! It doesn't matter! The process takes about 2 minutes per person! HONEST! If your daughter always wears a bow or headband or something - have her wear it that day! Kathryn can include that in the silhouette. The same goes for the boys - if they are always wearing a hat or something - have them wear it!

The other great thing get to leave the party with your Silhouettes and frames in hand! There's no waiting!

Here is her link for you to look at samples of her work:

Be sure to view her gallery so you can see what all she is capable of! She can do a single Silhouette or the entire family! All while at my house! You will pay her directly and she will take CHECKS OR EXACT CHANGE ONLY! No Credit Cards! Tell your friends!! Come and get a beautiful and cost effective keepsake! You are welcome to email her prior if you have specific questions -

Silhouette Items and Prices

Single $25/ 3 copies
Double $40/ 3 copies

Triple $55/ 3 copies

Quadruple $70/ 3 copies

Black oval 5x7 inch frame. $12 for one...but $10 each if you buy more!
After you purchase the Silhouettes, you can have them put on these FUN items!
Silhouette Plate $40. Free Personalization.

Mug. $25. Free Personalization.

Christmas Ornament. $15.

Note Cards. $45 for a box of 20. Free Personalization.

Jewelry Box. $40.

Baseball Cap. $30 each. Free Personalization.

Tote Bag. $50. Free Personalization.

Women's T. $40. Free Personalization.

Men's T. $40. Free Personalization.

Pillow. $30.

A Sillhouette Party!

Lisa B. of Orlando hosted a Silhouette Party in her home on a Friday evening after the end of the work week. Families came over with their kids, prepped and ready to have FUN while getting their Silhouettes done, too! Each Family took a number, and came to the table one by one.
Silhouette Artist Kathryn at the table, along with a display of the items you can have your hand-cut Silhouettes put on!

This Family used a musical card to entertain their daughter while her 2 minute portrait was cut.

A good time was had by all at this very successful Silhouette Party! There was food, drinks, social time for the adults, play time for the kids...and not to mention, Silhouettes!

Book your party with Kathryn today!